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Software Licensing

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Licensing Software
Applicable Products:
PAC Machine Edition v9.80 and Later
PAC Change Management v9.8 and Later
PACSystems HART Device Type Manager v1.2
PACSystems HART Multiplexer v1.2
PAC Productivity Suite v3.8 and Later
PAC Security Center v1.1 and Later

ELM and PLSA License Software
Emerson Software Licensing User Manual, GFK-3104

Enhanced Customer Center Help Guide (GFK-3208)

PAC License Server Administrator User Manual (GFK-3247)
IPIEmerson Licensing Management Software Important Product Information (IPI) (GFK-3223)

PAC License Server Administrator Important Product Information (IPI) (GFK-3251)
Legacy Softkey Licensing 
Applicable Products:
Proficy Machine Edition v7.00 to 9.70
Proficy Change Management v7.00 to 9.70

Emerson Legacy Softkey Licensing Guide, GFK-3107
Hardware Key Licensing

March 22, 2021 - The new Emerson hardware key is now available for quoting and ordering.

Products supported:

  • PAC Machine Edition Professional Development Suite 9.8
  • PAC Machine Edition Lite Development Suite 9.8
  • PAC Machine Edition QuickPanel CE Development Suite 9.8

When quoting or ordering any of the above software to be licensed with the new hardware key please select the “Key Type” as Emerson Hardware Key-M7.

A software improvement module (SIM 6) has been released for PAC Machine Edition. This SIM is required for hardware keys and includes the Entitlement and Licensing Manager (ELM) 1.2. ELM 1.2 has new information on its main screen to identify the device so that licensing information for that device can be found on the Customer Center portal.

Currently, PAC Productivity Suite 3.8 and PAC Change Management 9.8 will not support hardware key licensing. We will update you when these products support hardware key licensing in the future.

Licensing FAQs
The following products have been available
since January 13, 2020:

 Emerson Software Licensing with Software Keys for:

PAC Machine Edition v9.8
PAC Change Management v9.8
PACSystems HART Device Type Manager v1.2
PACSystems HART Multiplexer v1.2

Emerson Legacy Softkey Licensing for PME and PCM
(only for versions 7.00 to 9.70)

For further information , refer to the following FAQ 
Software Licensing and IT Transition Update FAQ
PAC8000 LicensingPAC8000 Workbench Product
Licensing Guide, GFK-3176
Commercial InfoLicensing Datasheet
Prior to Jan 13, 2020, products listed below were activated
using GE Common Licensing (Advantage Licensing). 
Applicable Products

PME/PCM 9.70 and lower

PPS 3.60 and lower
These software orders had the following format:
Serial number: 3-xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx


Sales Order Number: BMxxxxxxxx
GE Common Licensing SoftwareGE Common Licensing Installer
Documentation and How to Videos

Advantage Licensing Guides & Videos

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