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Enhanced Customer Center Help Guide (GFK-3208)

Applicable Products:

• PAC Machine Edition v9.80 and Later

• PAC Change Management v9.8 and Later

• PACSystems HART Device Type Manager v1.2

• PAC Productivity Suite v3.8 and Later

• PAC Security Center v1.1 and Later

Document GFK-3208 serves as a supplementary user guide for Emerson Software Licensing. The Entitlement and License Manager Software (ELM) is capable of automatically activating and returning entitlements so long as the machine is connected to the internet. However, some customers may have applications in which they need to activate or return entitlements on a machine that is not connected to the internet.

The Enhanced Customer Center allows customers to manage their software downloads and orders as well as manually activate and return entitlements on machines without an internet connection.

The customer will need to familiarize themselves with ELM and should consult Emerson Software Licensing User Manual, GFK-3104 to learn more about license files and proof files before beginning. Both of these file types are required to manually activate or return entitlements on a machine.