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Emerson Software Licensing User Manual (GFK-3104)

Applicable Products:
• PAC Machine Edition v10.1 and Later

• PAC Machine Edition v9.80 and Later

• PAC Change Management v9.8 and Later

• PACSystems HART Device Type Manager v1.2

• PAC Productivity Suite v3.8 and Later

• PAC Security Center v1.1 and Later

For legacy PME software (versions 9.70 and Lower) activation, refer to the Emerson Legacy Softkey Licensing Guide, GFK-3107

If Entitlement and License Manager has issues with loading the manual using the help button, try the following:
  1. Open Adobe Acrobat as an administrator.
  2. Click Edit and select Preferences.
  3. Select Security (Enhanced) under Categories.
  4. Uncheck Enable Portion Mode at startup (Preview).
  5. Close Adobe Acrobat