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PACSystems RX3i RSTi-EP PROFINET IO-Controller User Manual (GFK-2571)

Features, specifications, installation and operation of the PROFINET Controller functions in CPE100, CPE2XX, CPE330, CPE400 & CPL410, as well as rack-mounted IC695PNC001 PROFINET Controller.

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  • GFK-2571U-PACSystems PROFINET Manual.pdf

    Posted: 12/7/2022

    Updates to support RSTi-EP CPE200 Series controllers. Added Section 5.9.4. PROFINET Fault Extra Data

  • GFK-2571R_RX3i_EP_PROFINET_Ctlr_Mn.pdf

    Posted: 5/28/2021

    GFK-2571R: Updates regarding the number of supported PROFINET devices for the CPL410. Updates to Sections 1.5.1 and 3.3 to clarify that the PNC001-Bxxx is a drop-in replacement.

  • GFK-2571Q.pdf

    Posted: 3/6/2020

    GFK-2571Q, Following Emerson’s acquisition of this product, changes have been made to apply appropriate branding and registration of the product with required certification agencies. No changes to the material, process, form, fit, or functionality.