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IC697CPX928 - Series 90-70 CPU

Product History

Rel.Ver.DateIPIUpgrade KitNew FeaturesProblems Resolved
HF8.20Jul-11GFK-1434L44A747755-G04N/ARevised battery life estimates.
HF8.20Jul-08GFK-1434K44A747755-G04Improvements to internal diagnostics. Upgrade not required.NA
HE8.11Jun-08GFK-1434JNAHardware update only; does not affect features, functionality, or compatibilityNA
GE8.11Feb-08GFK-1434HN/AHardware update only; does not affect features, functionality, or compatibility NA
FE8.11Sep-06GFK-1434GN/AHardware update only; does not affect features, functionality, or compatibility

TOD Clock Changed

Service Request 7 Given POSIX Capability

Incorrect Checksums from Service Request 23

COMMREQs Located in Interrupt Blocks

PSB Power Flow Output

PSB Y0 Not Saved and Restored Across Calls to Nested PSBs


Enhanced functionality of Serial Ports 1 and 2: "break-free" SNP, DOS and Windows Programming Software Support


Clock Synchronization using FIP and/or SIO Module

Multi-threaded LD Program capability (MTLD)

Run Mode Store in Microcycle Sweep Mode

Read/Write of PLC CPU Memory using Service Request Function Block

Bulk Memory Access (BMA)

C Toolkit Enhancements

CPU would fail when certain faults were logged against an Ethernet Module

Large FBC Configuration Files

User Flash Operations

Masked Compare Function Block

Run Mode Store

Incorrect reporting of total program logic size

Size reported of Standalone C programs

Application changes with more than 200 program blocks


Upgraded copy of MS-DOS Programming software is now packed with CPU

  • Attached Files

  • GFK1434L.pdf

    Posted: 7/7/2011

    IC697CPX928-HF, Firmware version 8.20: Revised battery life estimates

  • GFK1434K.pdf

    Posted: 7/14/2008

    IC697CPX928-HF, Firmware version 8.20

  • GFK1434J.pdf

    Posted: 6/26/2008

    IC697CPX928-HE, Firmware version 8.11

  • GFK1434H.pdf

    Posted: 3/11/2008

    IC697CPX928-GE, Firmware version 8.11

  • GFK1434G.pdf

    Posted: 9/27/2006