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IC697CPM925 - Series 90-70 CPU

Product History

Rel.Ver.DateIPIUpgrade KitNew FeaturesProblems Resolved
  • Application Changes with > 200 Program Blocks in CPU
  • Increased Program Size
  • Ethernet Global Data
  • I/O Scan Sets
  • Selective Synchronous FIP Programs
  • VME 3rd Party Interrupts
  • Name Resolution Files
  • Store/Load/Verify IC660 Block Configuration
  • Analog Base and Expansion Modules Did Not Come Online

  • Lights out with No Faults or PLC Hardware Fault with Programmer Access
  • FIP Bus Controller with address 127
  • Rack and Slot Faults did not reflect FIP Locating References
  • EVENT-TRIGGERED programs using %I memory
  • PLC software failure during stopped mode store
  • Transition contacts and coils following MOVE_BIT
  • SFC_RESET in LD Block
  • UL and C-UL approval
  • Erroneous reporting of STOP/IOSCAN mode
  • Power cycle of expansion rack with GBC
  • Service Request 23
  • LM90 Serial no communication to CPU port
  • Standalone programs greater than 64K
  • Standalone C Program
  • Multiple Programs
  • Embedded Debugger for C Applications
  • FIP I/O Support
  • Microcycle Sweep Mode
  • Multiple SNP Sessions
  • One Megabyte User Logic Memory
  • FIP Device Status References (F_rsnnn)
  • Interrupt Blocks Calling Other Blocks
  • 14 Point Interrupt Module Support
  • Boot Loader Enhancements
  • Excessive time for Service Request 20
  • Occasionally would not perform power up diagnostics
  • Service Request 21 error codes greater than 800h
  • IC660 Bus Fault condition for M_rsbmm
  • Expansion rack Analog Input Expander reset
  • PCM self test timing in expansion rack
  • Interrupt trigger not verified
  • Problems with power supply recognition
  • TOD clock leap year error
  • Read attempt of %L memory associated with EXE block
  • Header information for Service Request 20 inconsistent