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IC693CPU364 - Series 90-30 CPU with Embedded Ethernet

Product History

Rel.Ver.DateIPIUpgrade KitNew FeaturesProblems Resolved
FM10.75Feb-11GFK-1490U82A1060-MS10-000-A2NAIPI Document Change


NASee GFK-1490T
FL10.73May-06GFK-1490S44A747767-G08See GFK-1490SSee GFK-1490S
FK10.73KITJan-06GFK-1490R44A747767-G08See GFK-1490R

MOVE_REAL operation

Config Not Equal with DSM324

PID Function Block

FK10.71Jan-06GFK-1490PN/AATEX qualification

Hardware update to daughterboard


Hardware update to daughterboard

DK10.71Apr-04GFK-1490n82A1060-MS10-000-A1.zip - Compatible with -DK or later hardware. Upgrade kit is only available on the Web.

Supports full duplex 10baseT





Load of EGD configuration from PLC to VersaPro 2.02

CPU won't handle 11K byte smart module init file

Ethernet Interface may not immediately receive multicast EGD that needs to cross a router

Load of large (>32K) DSM zip files fails

EGD stops for 1 sec during ARP-cache refresh if ARP response is lost.


CPU locks up with large hardware configuration store


STOP/FAULTs and lock-ups using a CPU364


Hardware update only; does not effect features, functionality, or compatibility


Rotate Right and Rotate Left functions do not handle error condition correctly

Time of Day Clock at power up may not operate

Error when run-mode storing, loading, or verifying exactly 50 blocks in run mode

Fatal Fault retry does not work correctly for some faults


Hardware Update to Enhance EMC Performance


IC693DSM314 support added

Local Logic Programs with VersaPro 1.10

Reboot after Fatal Fault

Addition of Serial I/O Protocol

Drum Sequencer function

User Flash Write and Erase Failure

Inconsistent Behavior on Load After Clear all with a CPU364

IC693 PLC can Automatically go to run mode

Retentive Contact Previous Values Table not Being Cleared


Ethernet Global Data and Name Resolution

AI & AQ Above Default Values

Load File of Size 1528 Bytes

C Program with Code Area Greater Than 64K Bytes

Ethernet Status Bits

Handling of heavy network loading conditions

SRTP channel management

Large PING

Time of day clock

%S32 & %S20 in Periodic Subroutine

Update Mode


Break-free SNP

Online Changes to Reference Tables

Read from Flash