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To Copy Existing Usernames For View Runtime


When you download an application, you have the ability of creating users locally on the runtime. This set of users will persist when doing downloads to the same View Runtime.


For multiple View Runtimes, and to have the same users as the one that is previously created, you have two options:

  1. Recreate manually the users (time consuming)
  2. In the Runtime folder (if on NT - C:\Program Files\Cimplicity Machine Edition\fxView\Runtime\Project (version 5.0) or C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Machine Edition\fxView\Runtime\Project (version 5.5), if on CE - \Flash Storage\fxViewRuntime\Project), copy the LOCAL.DLL file. This file contains the user names

If using method #2, one you have your set of users created on one of the Runtime, copy this file into your Supplemental Files section of your Machine Edition project. This way, when you download the application to another runtime, it will also bring over the Username and Password file. ***NOTE - this does not apply if using Local Manager, or CIMPLICITY Manager***