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IC695NIU001 Templates - Landing Page


RX3i (Single Controller) – Single Lan- 5 ENIUsIC695NIU001 Template RX3i (Single Controller) – Single Lan- 5 ENIUs
RX3i (Single Controller) – Single Lan- 10 ENIUsIC695NIU001 Template RX3i (Single Controller) – Single Lan- 10 ENIUs
RX3i (Single Controller) – Single Lan- 20 ENIUs​IC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Single-Controller-Single-Lan-20-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Single Lan – 5 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Single-Lan- 5-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Single Lan – 10 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Single-Lan- 10-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Single Lan – 20 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Single-Lan- 20-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Dual Lan – 5 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Dual-Lan- 5-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Dual Lan – 10 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Dual-Lan- 10-ENIUs
RX3i (Redundant Controllers) – Dual Lan – 20 ENIUsIC695NIU001-Template-RX3i-Redundant-Controller-Dual-Lan- 20-ENIU
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  • ENIUApp.zip

    Posted: 8/7/2018

    ENIUApp.zip (v144) fixes an issue with Symbolic Variables and applies to all RX3i IC695NIU001 templates. This patch does require adding a parameter to the C-block call and is important that you read GFK-2555E (included in upgrade kit) on how to install the patch and update your logic.