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How to activate Emerson License on Virtual Machine Type 2


(This article only applies to PME 9.8 and higher)

Entitlement License is currently supported in Type 2 Hypervisor (VMware Workstation Running on a Local Machine), although it will not allow to do it directly bit using the OS Host


  1. Install LicenseToolSetup.exe in the Host Computer. This program can be found in the DVD installer under folder \Install\System Install
  2. Make sure the VM can access the Host Computer (it can be pinged by using the IP Address or Computer Name)
  3. In the VM, some System Environment Variables needs to be added or modified:
    • Open Command Prompt with Elevated Permissions (Click Start Menu, type CMD. Click right on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator)
    • Run these commands:
setx /m LSFORCEHOST Host_IP_Address_or_Host_Name
setx /m LSPORT 5093
  1. Activate the license normally in the Host Computer
Start PAC Machine Edition in the VM. There is no action needed to activate. Other VMs cannot take the license while the software is still running.
The license returns to the host as soon as ME is closed.

The System Environment Variables can be created manually. Please check the Emerson Software Licensing User Manual Emerson Software Licensing User Manual (GFK-3104) for details (B.3 Setting System Environment Variables)