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RSTi-EP User Manual (GFK-2958)

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  • GFK-2958P RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 3/28/2024

    GFK-2958P: Added new EP-7990 module. Updated Instruction for double click installation. Added Connection diagram for EP-1813 (Three phase measurement with voltage/Potential Transformer). Added counter behavior EP-5112 in different Signal modes. Updated details of process alarms and diagnostic data. Updated details of modifiable parameter data format, user scale gain, and user scale offset for EP-3664 module.

  • GFK-2958N RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 12/31/2022

    GFL-2958N - Added instructions for Double-Click Installation

  • GFK-2958M RSTi-EP User Manual.pdf

    Posted: 12/8/2022

    GFK-2958M - Adds support for CPE200 Series