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RSTi-EP Profibus Network Adapter Module IPI (GFK-2964)

IPI FOR RSTi-EP Profibus Network Adapter Module-GFK-2964
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  • GFK-2964G - EPXPBS001 IPI.pdf

    Posted: 3/6/2024

    GFK-2964G: Firmware release 02.04.02. Support for EP-7990 is added to enable bumpless hot-swap operation.

  • GFK-2964F.pdf

    Posted: 12/1/2019

    GFK-2964F - Added support for EP-5324 & EP-1813-EMERSON

  • GFK-2964E_EPXPBS001_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 9/1/2019

    GFK-2964E - Following Emerson’s acquisition of this product, changes have been made to apply appropriate branding and registration of the product with required certification agencies. No changes to material, process, form, fit or functionality. Updates to webserver: - Ordering data is removed from General information section of Emerson branded products. - Brand labeling Web Application to EMERSON.