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IPI for RSTi-EP PROFINET SCANNER - PNSR ( Redundancy Support)
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  • GFK-3052G_PNS101.pdf

    Posted: 3/21/2024

    GFK-3052G: Firmware release 02.06.04. Support for EP-7990 is added to enable bump-less hot swap operation.

  • GFK-3052F_pns101.pdf

    Posted: 6/30/2022

    GFK-3052F: Firmware release which includes a fix for the RSTI EPXPNS101 intermittent instability when working with embedded PROFINET controller on CPE330.

  • GFK-3052E_pns101.pdf

    Posted: 1/27/2022

    GFK-3052E: Firmware is modified with increased startup timeout to support IO-link devices having longer startup times.

  • GFK-3052D EPXPNS101 IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/10/2020

    IPI for EPXPNS101-ABAC: Updates related to FW with Integrated FSBL Image