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PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314

System description, module specifications and installation instructions for IC695xxxxxx PACSystems RX3i products.

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  • GFK-2314AE_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 3/2/2023

    GFK-2314AE: Added Notes on Over/Under Range, Open Wire, and Terminal Block Removed Affecting Channel Faults and Channel Data for ALG106/112 to Section 9.1.5. Replaced Figure 273: Input Scaling ALG223.

  • GFK-2314AD_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 12/16/2022

    GFK-2314AD: Corrected ALG626 Field Wiring Differential Mode Tables

  • GFK-2314AC_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 11/30/2022

    GFK-2314AC: Updates to support the release of CPE310-Bxxx.

  • GFK-2314AB_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 8/9/2022

    GFK-2314AB: • Updates to support upcoming release of the EPXCPE family • Updates to section 16.21.4 Specifications and 16.21.6 Supported I/O Module for IC695CEP001. • Updates to support the release of CPE302/305-Bxxx. • Updates to ALG600 Typical Accuracies data up to 1 KHz.