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PACSystems RX3i IC695EIS001 IPI (GFK-2947)

IPI for RX3i Ethernet 104 Server Module IC695EIS001

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  • GFK-2947H_Eth_104_Server_IC695EIS001.pdf

    Posted: 10/31/2021

    GFK-2947H- The product's labels have been updated to show compliance with new certifications. For updated certifications, please refer to

  • GFK-2947G_IC695EIS001.pdf

    Posted: 10/27/2020

    GFK-2947G, Change in product Manufacturing location. No changes to material, process, form, fit or functionality.

  • GFK2947E_Ethe_104_Server_IC695EIS001.pdf

    Posted: 10/11/2017

    IPI for IC695EIS001-DD Ethernet 104 Server Module Enhancements This hardware release addresses a component obsolescence issue. There are no changes to form, fit, or function.

  • GFK2947D_Enet_104_Server_IC695EIS001.pdf

    Posted: 8/2/2017

    IC695EIS001-CE RX3i Ethernet IEC 104 Server Module This firmware provides enhancement to enable Report by Exception of analog data without time stamp through ASDU13 spontaneously instead of ASDU36. It also fixes issue where IEC104 Master reads incorrect data for transient period (~100ms to 120ms) from EIS module (IEC104 server) intermittently over long duration of operation.