PACSystems RX3i IC695CPx4xx - 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU IPI (GFK-3003) ka36N000000k9qDQAQ | Emerson Customer Center

PACSystems RX3i IC695CPx4xx - 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU IPI (GFK-3003)

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  • GFK-3003Z_10.70_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/2/2022

    GFK-3003Z: Updates to support PACEdge version 2.2.0

  • GFK-3003Y_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 9/29/2022

    GFK-3003Y: Firmware Release 10.70 adds support for OPC UA 2D Array Access. PACSystems Firmware Release 10.70 resolves the issues found in the RX3i PLC: Problems Resolved in Current Release section.

  • GFK-3003W_CPE400_CPL410_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 8/16/2022

    GFK-3003W: Product Label Update: The product's labels have been updated to show compliance with new certifications on the Certifications and Agency Approvals Landing Page, article number 52898. For updated certifications, please refer to​​​

  • GFK-3003N_CPE400_CPL410_IPI

    Posted: 5/2/2020

    IC695CPE400-ACAQ , Firmware Version 9.99

    IC695CPL410-ABAH , Firmware Version 9.99


    Posted: 5/2/2020

    IC695CPE400-ACAP - Firmware Version 9.97

    IC695CPL410-ABAG - Firmware Version 9.97