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PACSystems RX3i CPUs, IC695CPE302 & IC695CPE305 (GFK-2714)

Product information and release history for RX3i CPU with Ethernet IC695CPE302 & IC695CPE305

ATTENTION: Applications using CPE3xx Version 10.05 (or later) with a PNC001-Bxxx must also upgrade the PNC to Version 3.16 (or later) for compatibility with the controller. This is applicable only if you are using a CPE3xx (CPE302/305/310/330). The PNC001 (Bxxx or later) needs to be upgraded as well for compatibility with CPE3xx controllers running firmware 10.05 or later.   

Go here to download version 3.16 PNC firmware kit,
 IC695PNC001 - PACSystems RX3i PROFINET Controller

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  • GFK-2714AN_IC695CPE302_305_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/14/2023

    GFK-2714AN: Adds support for Run Mode Store (RMS) to User Flash, SVC_REQ 63 Logic Driven Data Write to Non-Volatile Storage, and three diagnostic %S bits. This release also resolves the issues found in the Problems Resolved in this Release section.

  • GFK-2714AM_IC695CPE302_305_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 5/24/2023

    GFK-2714AM: Adds support for IC695CHS007/CHS012/CHS016-JC or later 7/12/16-slot backplanes.

  • GFK-2714AL_IC695CPE302_305_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 10/13/2022

    GFK-2714AL: Adds support for OPC UA 2D Array Access and addresses issues in the "Problems Resolved in this Release" section.