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PACSystems* Controllers with Linux, Secure Deployment Guide (GFK-3055)

This document provides information that can be used to help improve the cyber security of systems that include Linux Operating Systems supplied by Emerson Automation Systems. It is intended for use by control engineers, integrators, IT professionals, and developers responsible for deploying and configuring products with embedded, customer accessible Linux (embedded open Linux).
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  • GFK-3055A_CPL410_SDG.pdf

    Posted: 3/5/2020

    GFK-3055A, Following Emerson’s acquisition of this product, changes have been made to apply appropriate branding and registration of the product with required certification agencies. No changes to material, process, form, fit or functionality.

  • GFK-3055_Linux_SDG.pdf

    Posted: 3/5/2020

    GFK-3055 Secure Deployment Guide for PACSystems Controllers with Linux