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PACSystems CPU Programmer's Reference Manual (GFK-2950)

Programming Languages Instruction Sets & Syntax for PACSystems PLCs, Service Request Function, PID Function and PLC Diagnostics.

GFK-2222U Chapters 5-11 & Chapter 14 form the content of this new manual. These Chapters are removed from GFK-2222V and later.

  • Attached Files

  • GFK-2950L - PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 5/30/2023

    GFK-2950L: Added CPE400/CPL410 to Section 6.34 covering SVC_REQ 63.

  • GFK-2950K - PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 2/28/2023

    GFK-2950K: - Updates to Section 6.33.3 to resolve issue with outdated data and recommended SVC_REQ 57 usage. - Updates to Section 4.1.3 to fix the exponent values associated with the Trig functions input value ranges. - Added Section 6.34. - Updates to Section 3.8.1 to add new %S References.

  • GFK-2950J - PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 12/7/2022

    GFK-2950J: - Updates to support the release of RSTi-EP CPE200 Series - Updates to fault entries for Section 9.5.3, IO Fault Categories - Updates to %S0002 definition to provide clarity on when #LST_SCN transitions from one to zero

  • GFK-2950G - PACS_CPU_ProgRefManual.pdf

    Posted: 6/29/2020

    GFK-2950: -Updates to Section 4.2.3 Bit Sequencer -Updates to Section 6.9, SVC_REQ 8: Reset Watchdog Timer -Updates to Section 6.33.2, Write Frequency - Secure Remote STOP-Halt Restart Mechanism.