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PACEdge Important Product Information (GFK-3198)

Formerly published as a readme file, this document has been updated to an IPI. Revision A and B are the same documents, but Revision B has updates to the Restrictions and Open Issues Section. 
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  • GFK-3198E - PACEdge IPI.pdf

    Posted: 3/13/2023

    GFK-3198E: Added instructions on replacing passwords with "$" in them, ModbusRTU in Node-RED serial port issues, unresponsive applications after password changes, and Password Management failures.

  • GFK-3198D - PACEdge IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/2/2022

    GFK-3198D: Adds support for PACEdge version 2.2.0.

  • GFK-3198C - PACEdge IPI.pdf

    Posted: 3/4/2022

    GFK-3198C: Patch updates: • Updated Movicon container (Connext, WebHMI), • Updated licensing. Connext and WebHMI SKUs now enable 3 drivers and support MQTT protocol, • Updated to allow users to purchase protocol upgrade for CPL410 and CPE400 products, • Bug fix in password management utility, now allowing to use special characters in password.

  • GFK-3198B - PACEdge IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/18/2021

    GFK-3198B - Updates to Restrictions and Open Issues Section: PACEdge container logging mechanism, especially for InfluxDB, will continue to write logs into disc, eventually completely filling it up.