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IC695ALG7xx, PACSystems RX3i Non-Isolated Output Modules (GFK-2373)

Description, specifications, and release information for RX3i Non-Isolated Analog Output Modules, IC695ALG704, ALG708, and IC695ALG728.

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  • GFK-2373M_ALG7xx_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 9/13/2022

    GFK-2373M - Product labels have been updated to show compliance with new certifications. For updated certifications, please refer to https://emerson-mas.force.com/communities/en_US/Article/Certifications-and-Agency-Approvals-Landing-Page

  • GFK-2373L_ALG7xx_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 1/1/2021

    GFK-2373L - This change addresses component obsolescence with new FW to support a drop-in replacement serial flash device. There are no changes to form, fit, or function.

  • GFK-2373K_ALG7xx_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 5/17/2019

    GFK-2373LK- Document changes to address errors regarding firmware upgrades. No firmware upgrades are available.