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Setup of Environment for PLC C Toolkit


In order to properly run the make target batch files for the PLC C toolkit it is required that the DOS prompt window have the proper environment variables set.


A common way to do this is to have a batch file (typically called setup.bat) in either the s9030c or the s9070c directory that sets up the environment variables.

For the 90-30 PLC C toolkit this file would typically look like the following:

path=c:\s9030c;c:\msvc\bin;c:\winnt\system32 ... etc.set lib=c:\msvc\libset include=c:\msvc\includeset c30_path=c:\s9030c

For the 90-70 PLC C toolkit a similar setup.bat file would be something like:

path=c:\s9070c;c:\msvc\bin;c:\winnt\system32 ... etc.set lib=c:\msvc\libset include=c:\msvc\includeset c70_path=c:\s9070c

This setup.bat file would be run by the toolkit user after opening the DOS prompt window and before doing any of the mk... batch files supplied with the toolkit.